Wednesday, January 23, 2019

I Love Winter

I know it's crazy, but I love winter. It can't top springtime, but is a close second. I love the fact that it gets dark early and you can't work outside. I love to shovel and the exhaustion I feel after. You burn a lot of calories shoveling. I love winter foods, like soups and casseroles.

It's hard when you are hot all the time. In the summer, I feel like I can hardly ever be outside. And then there are all the bugs that for some reason love me more than anyone else. So on a nice camp out when it's maybe 60 or 70 degrees, I have on long sleeves and knee high socks. I sit there fanning myself while others wear shorts and tank tops.

So, I'll enjoy the cold a few more months, and await the first budding of the trees signaling springtime.

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