Monday, August 29, 2016

My First and Only Quilt Work

This is my first and only quilt work I will do. I do love it though. The material was all purchased at Goodwill in a couple bundles and I've had fun with all of it.

I didn't realize until I was half way through the cutting of the pieces that quilt measurement and tape measurement is not the same. I even read about how to choosing colors, placement and measure twice, cut once. Unfortunately, I switched my measuring tool. So the pieces were varied and I became frustrated when things didn't match.  Live, learn and be glad you are only making a wall hanging and not a quilt! I'll keep this for the wall in the spare bedroom since it has so many errors.

I even tried my hand at free-motion quilting to add texture to the top. This is where you do not use the machine pressure foot but guide the material around making a pattern. You have to give it to me for bravery!

1 comment:

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