Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Mother's Day Gifts

For the past Mother's Day, I took altoid tins and made a miniture scene. Ballerina dress hanging with vintage background. I enjoyed this so much, I could make a dozen more.

Motherhood was celebrated with my family vacationing. We had Greg's two boys, 16 & 20, my two adult son's, one with wife and 5 year old grandson. We rented a house in Wisconsin Dells that came with tickets to the biggest water park in Wisconsin. It was great entertainment for all of us. There are not too many places you can have a 5 year old and 37 year old both enjoy. We had home cooked meals made ahead of time, played games and let our boys get to know each other.

Monday, January 15, 2018

The Button Memory

 I was looking through my button collection to finish some boot cuffs I had just made.

I came across a white button with a sketch of a blue boat. I had used the matching buttons to make Brandon a sailor suit when he was a year old and about to be baptized at church that morning. Joshua wore navy blue trousers, white shirt and red tie. So handsome, he was even then.  I simply had to find the picture I knew was taken that day.

It was a day I was so grateful to God for. Two beautiful healthy little boys, what more could I ask for? Gosh, I haven't changed a bit!