Saturday, October 14, 2017

Straight Lines

As I walked across the newly black topped parking lot where I work, I admired the freshly painted lines where cars would park. It all looked so straight.

It reminded me of a time several years ago, when I attempted to put brick behind a Franklin fireplace stove. I had done my wifely duty of sufficiently harping on my husband to put it up and finally took things into my own hands, literally. The directions were easy enough. You were to mark certain places by measurement and start here then work out. But, I didn't follow the directions. I started on one end, made sure it was a straight (imitation) brick and then spaced accordingly.

When you are working closely to something, you don't see that a bit off here and a bit off there make a big difference.  I was congratulating myself on how quickly I finished, as I backed up to take a look. To my horror the tile had gradually slopped and looked terrible. Luckily I was able to shift several into place while the grout was still soft.

It's kind of like our daily walk. We put one step in front of the other making decisions and are unable to see the big picture as God does. But all these little choices can gradually get us off course before we even realize it. Fortunately, we have a God full of grace.

This is a pillow I made with my grandmother and great grandmother's (born in late 1800's) lace handkerchief, buttons removed from the cuff of a blouse, broach & earnings. A great way to display precious keepsakes.

Monday, June 5, 2017

The Day My Water Broke

Greg and I went to Sam's Club to buy some things. While unloading our cart, I took the case of water and balanced it against the counter with my hips so the young lady could scan and I could place it back in the cart. Suddenly, I felt my leg getting very wet. Knowing I have a prime moment to be humorous, I looked at Greg in a loud voice said, "Oh no, my water broke!" Stepping back there was indeed a puddle of water around my feet. The poor cashier thought I really had broke my water. She gasp as she leaned over the counter. The people behind us and at the next register suddenly became attentive. Greg had a confused look for 1/2 a second and then started laughing.  I told the cashier I was joking and could see her trying to take it all in. I think she thought she may have to deliver. I'm sure she is telling the story to this day. I know I am.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I know I'm an organizer, but I have to admit it's fun having someone here to notice. Greg has been renovating the kitchen and wondered if I knew where the 'kitchen' paint was. And also the 'ceiling' paint, which was what was used in the front room. I went to a closet and brought out both for the touch up he needed to do. 

He just laughed and said, "I should have known."

Saturday, April 22, 2017

How is Married Life

The question I hear the most lately is, "How is married life?" The majority of my friends know my history as a widow. So now we come to the happy part of Denice's life.

And it is happy. I can't wait to get home to Greg. We do so much together from work out to cooking and cleaning. He inspires me to be my best and live up to this illusion he has of me. He truly thinks I'm this perfect, sweet person all the time.

And if I had to write down all the characteristics of the perfect husband for me, it would be Greg. He has some oddities, but I think they are cute. For instance, his coffee cup has to be white. Why, I don't know. I just smile and make sure it is.

I think the hardest thing is learning to sleep with someone else in my bed. I had over 3 years to sleep in the middle and now must share. I'm a light sleeper so I wake up at every move. I started to take a sleeping aid but I still wake up. And that wouldn't be bad if I could go right back to sleep.

Needless to say, I'm sleeping at my desk. Good thing I work at a church, I just say I'm praying.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

When A Church Service Speaks

The recent church service was about Peter, the mistakes he made and the grace he received.
We make mistakes too. Some are in our past, but some are habits we have choices over. After the service was over, Greg and I went on a picnic. We talked about the sermon and what spoke to us individually. We lay and look at the sky and thought about a life without the crutches we walk with. We prayed and told God we couldn't do it without Him.

Then it came to me to build an alter. So we found what few rocks there were and put them in an alcove of a tree. I now understand how the alter is for the one building it as much as for God. It's symbolism of a promise. A promise that is harder to break if you take it farther than just saying the words.

Friday, March 31, 2017

He Delights In Me

My devotion today was about how God delights in me. The words brought tears to my eyes. Here is this big creator of the universe and I delight him?

If you are like me, you've experienced times where you have displeased people. Perhaps your parents, an estranged friend, or an ex-spouse. These instances can play with your head and make you feel unworthy to anyone.

What assurance to know there is one whose love will never falter, no matter what. I can't do anything to make God love me less or more. He delights in me.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Office Move

My office is moving. I don't mind that I have to share an office now, or that it will be much smaller once three desks are set up. What I mind is my window. My window to the world of weather and activity.

Most of all I will miss the bush right outside. It has a nest that houses a bird each year and sometimes baby birds are born. I've saved this nest a few times as landscapers come with their hedge trimmers. Already a bird is there. It won't even know I'm gone, but I will.

Sunday, March 12, 2017


I've exercised all my life. I remember Jack La Lane, Jane Fonda, leggings and just sold my Thigh Master at my last yard sale. But, I have never joined a gym until this year. I couldn't pass up the price with no contract, to see if I liked it. I love it!

What is better about a gym than working out at home is, you walk in the door and all you can do is exercise. Getting there is half the effort, but once there, I make the circuit. I go from treadmill to the 30 minute room to stretching to stairs to elliptical. At home, I'll be in the middle of a yoga DVD and remember the laundry in the washer, or dinner I need to remember to take out of the freezer. I can stop and do something anytime and often will make things up just so I can stop.

The one thing I find disturbingly ironic is that there is a donut shop in the same parking lot as my gym. How can this be? I 'la, la, la' my way past it as if that can block out the smell, but just the name donut can trigger a primal groan. So far I have not stopped to purchase one, which is good, because once that barrier is broke, it's all downhill from there.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Prayers Then and Now

Driving to work today, I prayed for my husband. I prayed God would keep him safe and multiply the work of his hands. I prayed for his relationship with his sons and of course thanked God profusely for putting us together.

I was then reminded of another time when I would pray for my husband. I had been widowed a couple years and begin praying for my unforeseen future husband. It was weird because you are not sure what to pray. I would imagine God knew exactly who I was talking about and addressed it as such. I asked that his walk with God grow, and may he be filled with joy, etc.

I've decided it is much better praying for a real husband and not a future one.